Have your vision

Before jumping into music production you might want think where to set your laptop at least. Sometimes nice environment can help to keep you in focus.

When I first started I still remember going crazy to have things organise as my vision wanted. You know , going around to buy desk to assemble or searching some professional one to fit into my parent attic and so on.

All this things seems cool and exciting until you release that its time to change place and you can’t take with you everything.

Exactly that is what happened and it’s still will I guess when living in different places is the case

Also don’t spend crazy money is very essential if you know to change soon or later . This is why my solution during this last moved was to buy a complete piece of wood to cut and paint as I would prefer instead of being satisfied for something else I would have be bored straight after. Stay creative in different ways is what I like,keeping a positive mood and prospective to what it comes after.

That being said get some paint brush with some nice colour (Blue of course) and start making anything to see how it goes and for sure getting some help or idea can make a huge different to spend quality productive time.

Let me know how it goes & chat soon!


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